Inventory Yield Analyst

Can you weave a persuasive story from a series of data points? Are you passionate about building out reporting and inventory utilization tools from the ground up? Do you feast over data visualization? Ripple Street is looking for a Yield Analyst to join our fast-growing Community team. You will drive results through the building and application of tools and technologies that maximize profitability, while serving up value to our clients and end consumers by focusing on technologies, reporting and analytics, that inform critical business decisions. 

Reporting to the VP of Marketing, the ideal candidate is a highly creative, positive, and resourceful performer who can think quickly on their feet, has an analytical mindset, and has deep empathy for our brands and community members we serve.

New York based candidates only.

About Ripple Street

We’re a peer-to-peer marketing platform—which simply means that we have a community of consumers who like to try new products at home with friends and family (‘peer’) and share with their social networks (‘-to-peer’).

Brand advertisers partner with us to reach ^ consumers to generate awareness, product trials, and other brand KPIs they want to drive.

Top 3 reasons to join our company:

  1. We are in an incredibly exciting, emerging space in marketing and advertising that we believe represents the future of how brands can create deeper relationships with consumers.
  2. Clients struggle to put us into a specific bucket because we provide the whole package that brand marketers look for—we LOVE that. No one else provides deep product sampling experiences, authentic consumer generated content, and extensive social engagement throughout several phases of our programs like we do.
  3. We’re rapidly growing and always thinking about how to keep our employees happy. Yes, we make sure you have comprehensive benefit options, a generous vacation policy, open access to company leadership, and an expansive office with near-Google like perks (i.e., free lunches). But more than that, we love the diverse, quirky group of people who we bring into the family and we do our damn best to build a work culture and environment that helps our employees grow and feel safe. 

Key Responsibilities

Across the two main responsibilities below, you will work collaboratively with Ripple Street’s marketing, engineering, sales, and operations teams.

  • Inventory Management and Forecasting
    Partner with engineering to develop proprietary tools that solve inventory management issues
    Develop and implement yield management practices, including pricing optimization
    Work with the engineering team to build community forecasting and modeling framework that predicts community scale and engagement in brand programs by enabling accurate targeting, segmentation, campaign/inventory sizing, and reservation system using multiple data sources like existing community database, acquisition efforts, organic communications efforts, and historical benchmarks
    Have a constant pulse on community through the community database: always understanding the scale, growth/attrition, benchmarks of active vs. inactive, and composition of our community. Distill, operationalize, and communicate these insights via visualization and dashboards
     Distribute weekly inventory updates to Senior Management, Sales, and Marketing to inform of revenue opportunity, inventory gaps, and general tracking of inventory and community health
     Turn strategic recommendations into reality, driving the execution of new ideas
  • Analytics
    Champion efforts surrounding data management, data integrity, lead generation scoring models and sales optimization
     Manage Sales and Marketing prospect and community member databases, including driving database hygiene and optimization with a keen eye towards technology-driven automation
    Develop a vision for analytics architecture, predictive models, and efficient workflow across marketing, sales, and product/engineering
    Analyze and visualize data (metrics, trends, insights, opportunities, and risks) via dashboards to inform strategic decision making
     Connect website analytics and performance data, maintaining attribution models, to get a holistic view of which channels/efforts drives the most incremental performance
    Support internal teams around A/B testing frameworks and results
     Build a reporting suite and framework around consumer-driven surveys and work with marketing to productize market research for brands

Key Skills & Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree (preferably in Business, Economics, Statistics, Data Science). MBA a plus
  • Self-starter with the ability to be agile and quickly respond to the most pressing problems
  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience in digital or TY yield/inventory management
  • Minimum of 3 years of working in data analytics and marketing operations activities
  • Understand how data analytics is intertwined across different parts of the company and be able to effectively synthesize cross-functional teams’ needs for holistic analytics solutions
  • Proficiency in SQL, Python, and other query languages
  • Understanding of high-level yield & monetization strategies
  • Experience working with product and engineering teams
  • Domain mastery with Data Warehouse, CRM, and Marketing Automation workflows (like Salesforce, Eloqua, Datorama) a plus
  • Ability to build dashboards with tools like Tableau, Data Studio, or other BI visualization tools with a design eye that easily communicates powerful insights
  • Technical and analytical proficiency with demonstrated proof of dashboard development, various reporting formats, analysis, and comparison of tool options; with the ability to understand technical automation capabilities of data ingestion from multiple sources, structuring data,  and feeding data into dashboards to achieve real-time dashboards/insights
  • Advanced knowledge of lead management best practices, life cycle implementation, intent data and its application  in lead scoring and weighting, and work with leadership to hone processes, hand-offs, and funnel definitions to ensure pipeline visibility from initial inquiry to closed-won opportunity
  • Advanced proficiency in Excel, including creation and analysis of advanced pivot tables
  • Ability to effectively collaborate and help develop campaigns based on data, patterns and trends, that drive leads, conversions, and engagement
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills with the ability to express complex topics clearly & easily